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8 Ways to Prepare for the Postpartum Period

8 Ways to Prepare for the Postpartum Period

When I was pregnant with my first, I wanted to know ALL THE THINGS. How do I prepare for the third trimester? How do I prepare for birth? What will I need once baby arrives? You don't know what you don't know, right? After three kids, this is my quick and dirty of list of the most basic of supplies to have on hand once baby arrives. 

1. Soothies - I thank my dear midwife for suggesting I try Soothies on my nipples for relief of the soreness during the start of breastfeeding. I swear, I could hear angels singing in the heavens every time I reapplied them after nursing. I went through four boxes of them before making it through that challenging phase.

2. Nursing pads - I was a super heavy leaker with baby #1, so I made sure I had a stock of good nursing pads, disposable first, but eventually transitioning to reusable.

3. Arnica Montana - I always have this on hand, and I found it exceptionally effective in treating all the aches, pains, bruising, swelling and soreness that accompanies childbirth.

4. As for using the restroom, I got one of these electric tea kettles for my bathroom. It takes a full two to three minutes for the water to get hot in my bathroom, and having to stand there waiting and wasting water every single time I peed (especially in the middle of the night), just to get hot water for the peri-bottle was very aggravating. This tea kettle idea worked great! Water was hot and ready within 30 seconds of being switched on. I congratulated myself on that one. Somehow my brain worked enough during pregnancy to figure that one out ahead of time. (Obviously a totally optional item if your hot water arrives quickly to your sink!)

5. I used a drop or two of tea tree essential oil in the peri-bottle every time I used the restroom.

6. I made frozen pads, which are heavenly in the first day or two following a vaginal birth. 

7. AfterEase - I found this product while purchasing my birth kit, and I have to say it actually made a huge difference in easing the "after pains" that happen in the first couple days post-delivery. I used up the entire bottle.

8. I made sure I had ibuprofen on hand for the engorgement that I fully expected.

Already given birth? Anything you found you couldn't live without once your baby arrived? Share below!

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