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2 Sinus Infection Treatments that Actually Work

2 Sinus Infection Treatments that Actually Work

I'm gonna just get straight to it, in the very likely event you are in the midst of suffering this miserable condition. These recommendations are based solely on my personal experience and work for me more effectively than other suggestions I have found. Read the entire post for other helpful tips on recovering from a sinus infection without resorting to antibiotics! Get well soon!

1. Nasal irrigation using Alkalol in the solution.

What you will need:

I typically use 2-3 teaspoons of Alkalol in a full Neilmed bottle of water and also add in a saline solution packet. Make sure the water is lukewarm, not hot or cold. Once your are finished doing a sinus rinse, be careful not to blow your nose too hard, as this can spread the infection or make it worse. 

I highly recommend and use the Neilmed sinus rinse bottle instead of a neti-pot. I like that I can squeeze the water out rather than just pour, however always be mindful not to force the solution through a really tough clog. You could spread the infection and make it worse. 

I prefer to use the Xclear brand of saline, as it also contains xylitol which has been shown to improve sinus symptoms over the use of saline alone. 

Warning: Alkalol is incredibly strong and I recommend you test it out at a smaller dosage than listed above before you try it for the first time. 

2. Essential oil topical application to the sinuses. 

I was blown away (pun intended) by the effectiveness of using essential oils topically on my sinuses. The blend I used was doTERRA's Breathe, but don't hesitate to experiment with other oils you may have on hand. I found Breathe to be extremely effective at clearing my sinuses within minutes of applying a drop or two to my sinuses on either side of my nose, as well as the center of my forehead above my nose. Keeping the nasal passages clear is the quickest way to recover from a sinus infection, and an effective way to prevent one when you come down with a head cold. 

Please note: If you are breastfeeding, the use of peppermint is not advised as it can reduce your milk supply. Always consult with a practitioner before using essential oils if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

I have included several alternatives for you to try if you do not have the Breathe blend:

  • Breathe Ease - Rocky Mountain Oils
  • Raven or R.C. - Young Living
  •  Breathe Ease DIY recipe - Whole New Mom
  • DIY Vapor Rub - Mommypotamus - I love this post in particular and reference it regularly. All the info you need for how to use various essential oils for cold and congestion, and what oils are appropriate for use at what ages, especially for children. You can find various recipes to make your own blends with you have on hand, or else I recommend ordering one of the products listed above! 

(Side note: I am not a doTERRA, or any other essential oil, representative) 

I have tried SO MANY solutions for resolving a sinus infection (steamy shower, colloidal silver, colloidal silver nasal spray, increased vitamin C, regular saline rinses, grapefruit seed extract in the saline rinse, etc.) and most of them were not noticeably effective. I am not saying you shouldn't try them out, but these two are hands down my favorite ways to beat one, and I definitely use essential oils on my sinuses now anytime I am congested. It is extremely effective at clearing the nasal passages. 

In addition to the resource above, Alkalol can be found at Walgreens, but it isn't always in stock. Call ahead before going out to purchase. Neilmeds and neti pots can be found at most drug stores.  


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