about domestic confessions

Welcome to Domestic Confessions, where I share the truth about being a wife and mom in this age of the interwebs. I'm JoAnne, half sensible Midwesterner, half crunchy, sun-drenched Southern Californian. Born and raised in Minnesota I have spent the majority of my adult life in the Los Angeles area. 

A bookworm as a child has translated into a ravenous reader as an adult. I am frequently reading four books at any given time, usually a mix of fiction and non-fiction, and am a huge fan of Audible, listening to what I otherwise would not have time to read.

I spend an inordinate amount of time researching anything and everything I take an interest in, frequently diving into whatever information I can glean regarding the health and wellness of my family.

You can find me in the kitchen, often, testing recipes based on traditional cooking methods and always looking for ways to increase the nutrient density of our meals. I have a stubborn bent toward making as much of what we eat as I can from scratch, trying to keep away from the health-depriving aspects of prepackaged foods. Some days I hardly leave the kitchen, which is a monumental departure from the majority of my days as a young adult and new wife.

I absolutely HATED the kitchen, so much so that cereal, and cheese and crackers were my sustenance on many, many occasions.

Fast-forward five years into marriage when my husband and I were having difficulty conceiving. I went on a journey of researching how nutrition and lifestyle changes could heal the ovarian cysts I discovered were suppressing ovulation, and looked for ways to increase my fertility naturally. Since then I have been on a never-ending path of discovery, a whole lifestyle encompassing journey that has completely changed the way I live.

Homemade bone broth, sauerkraut and almond milk can now be found in my kitchen, and eggs from pasture-raised chickens have replaced the cereal I used to keep stocked in the pantry. I have officially become a food snob, which has led to the inevitability that the kitchen and I have become friends.  

Domestic life was never a goal of mine.

I grew up career-minded and independent, wanting nothing to do with being stuck at home with a bunch of snot-nosed kids, piles of laundry everywhere and dishes soaking in the sink. In fact, it wasn't until I hit 28 that I even considered that maybe having a baby might be something I wanted for my life. Once that day hit, though, it radically changed my life.

Now I can't get enough of babies, get teary when I see newborn clothes at the store and daydream of being a doula or midwife assistant someday. I am still, however, naturally free-spirited and introverted, resulting in some interesting challenges that are inherent now as a wife and mother to three littles that I stay home with to care for.

Never having had a vision of living happily ever after as a homemaker, you can imagine it has been a bumpy domestic road.

You can find me here confessing my domestic challenges and victories, keeping it real for those of us that are not domestically gifted or motivated. 

Stuff You'll Find Me Confessing

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  • I cannot stand a messy kitchen
  • I organize my clothes by season and then by color
  • My husband has obsessive compulsiveness, requiring our house be kept neat
  • I'm really good at organizing, much to the advantage of the man I married
  • I'm obsessed with food and simultaneously completely annoyed with it
  • I love babies, especially newborns
  • I hated pregnancy and childbirth. Every. Single. Time. 
  • I dream, daily, of traveling
  • Being in my house all by myself for a day is the equivalent feeling of a trip to the spa
  • I homeschool, but am not in love with it
  • We have two dogs that drive me nuts, bark at everyone and howl whenever someone cries
  • Marriage is hard
  • I'm paranoid that every single thing I encounter is trying to slowly kill me and my family
  • The toxicity of the planet and our food system drives me completely bananas
  • Motherhood is hard
  • I am constantly trying to get rid of the contents of my house
  • Much of what I focus my energy on is motivated by the desire to make my life easier