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Frozen Pads for Postpartum Healing

Frozen Pads for Postpartum Healing

If you give birth vaginally, there is about a 100% chance you will have some tissue trauma to heal in and around your vagina. As with other bodily injuries that include swelling and soreness, cold is your friend. Prepare these easy, disposable pads and add to your arsenal of post-baby recovery items. 

What you'll need:

1. One package of maxi pads, max absorbency, preferably NOT the thin kind. Having some padding is actually really nice when using pads as a multi-purpose absorber AND cold pack.

2. Water. 

3. Water bottle (optional).

4. Tea tree and/or lavender essential oils (optional). 


Unwrap pads only as much as it takes to expose the inside that will touch your body when in use. Do not remove any of the backing that covers the sticky side. Lightly dampen with water. I prefer to use a spray bottle to disperse the water evenly without totally soaking it. 

Wrap pads back up in original packaging. If that's not possible, wrap in tin foil. Stack in a plastic container or ziplock and store in the freezer before baby is born so they are ready to go!

If using a spray bottle, add a few drops of tea tree and/or lavender essential oil. I love lavender essential oil particularly for healing, and tea tree is great at combating any potential infection. 

Another option is to spray a product like Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray on the pads. I haven't personally tried this option, but this product is formulated to aid healing and recovery and recommended to apply after using the restroom. 

Witch hazel is the most common remedy for the postpartum bottom that you will find in a cursory search for perineal healing. I personally found this product very irritating and preferred just plain water on the pads. 

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